How I Cracked the LinkedIn Code Using My Free Account To Get A Steady Stream of Pre-Qualified Leads And Higher-Paying Clients
...and Grew My Business to Six Figures!
Being a freelancer in the gig economy can be tough... am I right?  
 Sometimes the “freedom” we all crave really sounds like the clickety-clack of the keyboard at 3am, 
trying to send out one more proposal before the rent is due. 
Hey there, I’m Tracy. I’m a voice actor who has been working in the gig economy for six years, so I know the struggle all too well. 

I love my work, and for the first three years I managed to tread water as a voice actor, bringing in a decent little income.  

But I felt like I was swinging on a trapeze without the next bar to grab onto, not knowing where that next client was going to come from

I was constantly terrified that I would lose my grip and plummet to the net I hoped was below.
I wanted so badly to grow my business, but instead I was: 
  • ​working my tail off just to stay afloat
  •  taking any and every client I could find - no matter how low-paying 
  •  booking work that wasn’t in my ideal industry or area 
  •  working with clients that I didn’t jive with 
  •  never quite sure if a prospect was legit or not (because you just can’t tell on the Internet!) 
  •  not reaching my revenue goals, even though I was working all. the. time. 
  •  feeling frustrated and stuck, without a clear way to move forward 
  •  wondering if there was something wrong with me -- was I unhireable...
It was almost enough to make me wish for a 9-5 job with a guaranteed paycheck… almost ;)

My life did NOT look like the life of freedom and choice I’d envisioned when I’d started my business. 

I was tired of feeling powerless, of not having control over my workload and client pipeline.
The Eureka Moment that Changed My Business… and My Life… Forever
I tried everything I could think of to find new clients: freelance websites, word of mouth, referrals, and creating a lead list from Google searches, then cold-emailing or cold-calling them. 

I dutifully posted on my Facebook page, opened a LinkedIn account, and tweeted into the abyss 
of Twitter because I was “supposed to.”  

But I was exhausted trying to keep up with posting on all my social media channels 
multiple times a day in hopes that the a client - any client! - would find me.  

And to be honest, none of these methods were producing the kind of high-quality, 
high-paying clients I really needed to move my business forward anyway.  
  I was at my wit’s end… 
Until a LinkedIn conversation with a new connection changed everything.
A month after connecting, he messaged me out of the blue, saying,
“Tracy, I need a voice over right now... here’s the script. Do you think you could take this on?”
He sent me the script, we agreed on a price, I recorded the voiceover and emailed it to him, and he paid me online immediately - without a single phone call! 

He had connected with me on LInkedIn, checked out my profile and website, and decided to hire me - without me doing anything!  

Suddenly, I realized that this was so much bigger than just me finding clients. 

It was about serving people who needed my skills so I could help them fulfill their mission...and in doing so, I could fulfill my own!
In LinkedIn, I had a powerful method of connecting with potential clients and growing my business right in my pocket, and it was:
  • ​Readily available - I already had an account
  • ​An untouched market - none of my competition seemed to be using it 
  • ​An unfettered access point to dream clients all over the globe 
  • ​Flexible enough to fit “in the cracks of life” - I could connect whenever it worked for my schedule, in the pockets of time I had in my day (or night) 
  • ​Authentic - I didn’t have to worry about appealing to a massive audience...I just needed to focus on a single person! 
  • ​FREE!! 
LinkedIn isn’t just another social media platform - it’s a powerful marketing tool! 
It allows you to bypass all the noise of social media and get your name, 
message, and skills in front of the right people.
And once I started seeing real, tangible results from my efforts, I doubled down and developed a more disciplined, methodical approach to connecting and building relationships through LinkedIn. 

Over the next three years, I grew my company to six figures…focusing only on my free LinkedIn account to market my business!

Six figures in revenue, with no fancy membership, no expensive tools - just my LinkedIn account, a solid routine, and the determination to finally make this thing work!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 
 But Tracy...
LinkedIn is just for people looking for 9-5 jobs.
It’s just for big companies - my business is just me.
Those are big companies - I can’t approach them! They’re scary!
It’s too complicated.
I just don’t have time.
I don’t know what to post about.
It’s boring and all work-y. Not fun like Facebook.
It’s like shouting into the wind. Nobody will hear me.

I know... I thought the same thing! 
But we’re looking at it all wrong!
I want to share with you The 5 Cs - my proven, rock-solid ways to ensure that you stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn.  
  • Client-Focused: Make sure your profile and content is focused on your client’s needs - not on your own
  • Clarity: Make it clear who you can help so your ideal clients can find you 
  • Connection: Find and connect with your ideal client for free - no ad spend - in just 20 minutes a day 
  • Consistency: Connect consistently, based on my Five Daily Reach-outs 
  • Communication: Message prospective clients so they will actually respond - and actually get on a call with you! Banish “I don’t know what to say” forever 
The Freelancer’s Secret Weapon for Lead Gen Domination!
Are you ready for the biggest secret I discovered about LinkedIn and what makes it such a simple, beautiful, unique tool for freelancers and small businesses like ours?
Your LinkedIn profile is not a glorified resume... it’s a FREE sales funnel!
You don’t need money, or Facebook ads, or an expensive sales funnel to get clients on LinkedIn.

And that’s what makes LinkedIn the great equalizer. 
Everyone has the exact same amount of “online real estate” on LinkedIn.
There’s no hierarchy. We all have the same access to the same people and the same potential clients as the big companies… 
and as our competitors do.
Do you see how much power that gives us as freelancers?
  • ​How much money you have doesn’t matter - because it’s FREE
  • ​How long you have been in business is irrelevant
  • ​You can connect with almost anyone at any company - from CEOs on down
  • ​You can get the real story about a business - not the “Insta-worthy” story you get on other platforms 
  • ​You can locate your ideal customer in a snap - and start developing a relationship
  • ​You can bypass email spam filters by using LinkedIn messaging, so once you’ve connected, you can message ANYONE at any company! 
Total game changer! 
LinkedIn is a giant, global billboard you should be using to offer your services to your ideal client - so stop using it as a resume!

I created The LinkedIn Edge course to teach you how to use LinkedIn as a powerful, focused, FREE lead generation funnel. 

In it, I’ll show you how to STAND OUT with an eye-catching, impression-leaving profile - 
and how to turn that attention into a relationship. 
Ditch the Overwhelm with Small, Actionable Steps You Can Easily Tackle
 I can hear the panic in your voice.

But Tracy! 

I don’t have time to manage another social media platform! 

I can barely keep up with posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… and now you want me to post to LinkedIn, too? 


At some point, I need to actually get some work done, too!” 
My fellow freelancer, there are literally millions of dollars sitting out there on LinkedIn, waiting to be spent on a freelancer just like you. 
Can you afford NOT to utilize LinkedIn as a powerful lead generation tool? 

Stop wasting time on social media that is not making you any money or moving your business forward. 

Your competition hasn’t figured out that LinkedIn is a goldmine yet. 

Many freelancers are not on LinkedIn at all, and the ones who haven’t figured out what they’re missing - that they can bypass posting general content and just communicate directly with decision-makers.  

In The LinkedIn Edge, I give you all the tools you need to connect with higher-paying, more serious business owners who need your help. 

I’ll also share with you the clear, actionable steps you need to take to step up and stand out - so you can snag YOUR perfect clients. 

Let me show you how LinkedIn - yes! 

Boring, proper, stuffy LinkedIn! - can be the infusion of lifeblood your business needs! 
Give Yourself THE EDGE Over Your Competition!
So what sets The LinkedIn Edge apart from other LinkedIn courses out there?

Of course, you’ll learn all about how to set up your profile, connect with people, etc. 

All of that is important - but it’s not the whole story. 
Here’s what you get with The LinkedIn Edge online course:

Get Your LinkedIn Learner’s Permit

Learn the basic navigation and makeup of LinkedIn, from how to set up your profile to how to join groups.

Your Profile - Your LinkedIn Driver’s License

The visual aspects of your profile are what catch others’ attention first, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward!

Adding Fuel to Your LinkedIn Car with Your Profile

Now we get into the core of your profile - your bio, experience, and media samples. It’s your chance to toot your own horn and show everyone how awesome you are!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go... When You Connect with Your Dream Client

Tips, tricks, and keys to connecting with the clients you’ve always dreamed of - using the power of the direct message. 

Take a Walk on the Business Side

You have a profile on LinkedIn...and your business needs one, too!

Reach Out and Touch Someone... But Not In a Creepy Way

Connecting with intention and authenticity is key on LinkedIn - and the templates we share will get you started.

Making LinkedIn A Part Of Your Life

I am giving you my Signature System to making LinkedIN a part of your day and how to use it to the fullest. I will show you how to continually stay top of mind and stand out on the platform.
The LinkedIn Edge breaks it all down for you into manageable, bite-sized steps - putting the power to expand your network and fill your pipeline in YOUR hands! 
PLUS... Sign Up Now and I’ll Throw In Some 
Ah-mazing Bonuses!
Value: $147

Finding Your Dream Client Worksheet...

How you position yourself will determine if you have to chase after clients - or if they’re knocking down your door. Securing a niche will make it easier to target your content and connection activities to just the right clients who are searching for your services.
Value: $197

How to Connect on LinkedIn... In a Non-Spammy Way

One of the hardest parts about connecting on LinkedIn is knowing what to say! Snag my foolproof templates for connecting authentically!
Value: $97

5 Daily Reach Outs Workbook

If you want your garden to grow, you have to tend to it daily. 

These five daily “reach-outs” will help you organize and track your touch points with your new connections.
Value: $97

Sharpen Your Sales & Discovery Call Skillz (Workbook + Video)

Think you’re not good at sales? You just haven’t practiced enough! This bonus is full of tips and tricks to improve your sales skills - and the workbook helps you develop your own sales strategy and voice!
Value: $97

7 Rock-Star Moves To Rocking LinkedIn Every Day

Just a few minutes a day can take your LinkedIn profile from “ho-hum” to “whoa!” Follow these seven steps every day to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and get noticed.
And it’s not just tactical advice - each module includes exercises and activities that will help you improve your mindset - to get out of your own way so your business can flourish!
So that’s seven action-packed modules, plus five (5!!!) bonuses... 
that can fill your client pipeline for just $297! 
  • LinkedIn Edge - 7 Module Training Course ......................................................... Value $1997
  • Bonus: Finding Your Dream Client Worksheet .................................................... Value $147
  • Bonus: How to Connect on LinkedIn... In a Non-Spammy Way ........................ Value $197
  • Bonus: 5 Daily Reach Outs Workbook .................................................................... Value $97
  • Bonus: Sharpen Your Sales & Discovery Call Skillz (Workbook + Video) .......... Value $197
  • Bonus: 7 Rock-Star Moves To Rocking LinkedIn Every Day .................................. Value $97
Total Value $2732
Yours Today for ONLY $297
But don’t just take my word for it…
Listen to what past students have had to say about the LinkedIn Edge.
"The LinkedIn Edge definitely helped make LinkedIn less overwhelming. 

With the sheer amount of potential business on LinkedIn, I was almost paralyzed by the thought of sifting through all of my contacts and individually reaching out to each one… but LinkedIn Edge makes that process a whole lot easier with templates and a systematized structure that really cuts down on time, but still is genuine and collaborative. 

Thanks, Tracy, for making LinkedIn so accessible!"
Jillian Schillaci
Voice Actor
"LinkedIn made absolutely no sense to me before The LinkedIn Edge. 
Zero. Zilch--it was Facebook, but boring. 

Now, I see it as a usable business space and know how to get the most out of it for an investment of time only. Liking it."
Jack de Golia
Voice Actor
"I purchased your course last year, and I have to say I learned a lot! I had fun refurbishing my LI profile, and I began reaching out regularly to people in the video production, video game, and elearning worlds. 

I've accrued over 2,400 connections, and some of them have been truly enthusiastic about working with me. 

Talk about blossoming confidence!"
Dean Moody
Voice Actor
Frequently Asked Questions
  • LinkedIn Edge - 7 Module Training Course ......................................................... Value $1997
  • Bonus: Finding Your Dream Client Worksheet .................................................... Value $147
  • Bonus: How to Connect on LinkedIn... In a Non-Spammy Way ........................ Value $197
  • Bonus: 5 Daily Reach Outs Workbook .................................................................... Value $97
  • Bonus: Sharpen Your Sales & Discovery Call Skillz (Workbook + Video) .......... Value $197
  • Bonus: 7 Rock-Star Moves To Rocking LinkedIn Every Day .................................. Value $97
Total Value $2732
Yours Today for ONLY $297
Are Your Ready to Live Your Life...
and Run Your Business...
on The Edge?
Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks. 

If you are…
  • ​Tired of the feast or famine cycle
  • ​Sick of wasting time with unqualified leads 
  • ​Clear about your ideal client and ready to target them...for FREE 
  • ​Ready to level up as the expert you are and get the fees you desire 
  • ​Willing to put in the work on the front-end for huge returns on the back-end 
Then you’re READY for the LinkedIn Edge!
Tell you what. Because I believe in the LinkedIn Edge - and because I believe in YOU! - if you’re not completely satisfied in the first 30 days after your purchase, I’ll give you your money back.

But promise me that you’ll work through the steps, okay? 

It does require effort from you!   


Look, it all comes down to this... 
You can continue to rock along in your business, maintaining the status quo. 

You don’t have to do anything at all.

But if you don’t make a move...if you don’t invest in yourself and in your business...nothing will change.   

If the status quo is okay with you, then that’s cool. But...why are you still here? 

Why didn’t you stop reading a long time ago? 

However, if you’re sick of the status quo and are ready to dedicate time and effort 
(and a little money) to raising that status quo… 

The LinkedIn Edge is the toolkit you need to take your business to the next level. 
 So let’s review… 
You + The LinkedIn Edge + 20 minutes per day 
= A Client Pipeline Overflowing with Work!
Now that’s math I can get behind!
  • LinkedIn Edge - 7 Module Training Course ......................................................... Value $1997
  • Bonus: Finding Your Dream Client Worksheet .................................................... Value $147
  • Bonus: How to Connect on LinkedIn... In a Non-Spammy Way ........................ Value $197
  • Bonus: 5 Daily Reach Outs Workbook .................................................................... Value $97
  • Bonus: Sharpen Your Sales & Discovery Call Skillz (Workbook + Video) .......... Value $197
  • Bonus: 7 Rock-Star Moves To Rocking LinkedIn Every Day .................................. Value $97
Total Value $2979
Yours Today for ONLY $297
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