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Here’s what’s inside:


LinkedIn Basics

Learn the basics of LinkedIn, from setting up your profile, to adjusting settings and navigating around.


Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile - The Visual Elements

Your profile photos and graphics are what catch others’ attention first, so learn how your profile can look its best!


Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile--The Copy

Now we get into the core of your profile – your bio, experience, and media samples. It’s your chance to showcase who you are and how you can help! We’ll also discuss how to optimize your copy to increase your chances of being found in a search!


Creating Your Company Page

You have a profile on LinkedIn…and your business needs one, too! This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your voiceover business.


Finding and Connecting With Your Dream Client

Tips and tricks to connecting with the clients you’ve always dreamed of by using the power of LinkedIn’s own search tools.


Writing the Perfect Message to Make Everyone Want to Work With You

Connecting with authenticity and a customer-centered attitude is key. Using the ideas and messaging guidelines in this module will help you make a great first impression!


Making LinkedIn A Part Of Your Life

In this final module, I’ll give you my 7-Step Action Plan that will help you bring together everything you have learned so that LinkedIn becomes part of your everyday routine. You’ll also learn how to stay top of mind and stand out on the platform for all the right reasons

The LinkedIn Edge breaks it all down for you into manageable,
bite-sized steps - putting the power to expand your network
and fill your pipeline in YOUR hands!

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Finding Your Dream Client Worksheet…

How you position yourself will determine if you have to chase after clients – or if they’re knocking down your door. Securing a niche will make it easier to target your content and connection activities to just the right clients who are searching for your services.

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How to Connect on LinkedIn… In a Non-Spammy Way

One of the hardest parts about connecting on LinkedIn is knowing what to say! Snag my foolproof templates for connecting authentically!

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5 Daily Reach Outs Workbook

This simple worksheet will help you organize and track your touch points with your new connections. Use it to keep yourself on track and accountable to seek out new prospects every day and watch your business grow!
Just a few minutes a day can take your LinkedIn profile from “ho-hum” to “whoa!” Follow these seven steps every day to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and get noticed.

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7 Rock-Star Moves To Rocking LinkedIn Every Day

Engagement is what will help you build professional relationships and stay engaged with your connections so they’ll think of you next time they need voiceover services. Follow these seven steps to become memorable for all the right reasons!

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Symbols List

Want to add some extra pizzazz to how your profile looks? Feel free to use some of these symbols to spice it up!

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Sales Skills to Land Your Next Dream Client

Think you’re not good at sales? You just haven’t practiced enough! This workbook will help you develop your own sales strategy and grow your confidence!